Friday, May 16, 2014

First Fruits of Spring

After our long cold winter spring had a difficult time crawling out from the oppressive blanket of winter that covered the landscape. Now spring is really getting into the swing of things and we are beginning to see the first fruits of this season of abundance! Not only are we enjoying the fruits of this but we are being visit by a new array of wildlife! We have put up hummingbird feeders to attract these tiny floating birds, and we are visited every day by a large wild turkey who contributes to the soundscape with his loud gobble-gobbling.

If you’d like to sneak a peek, or get a picture of this large bird, come visit Bob Jones Nature Center early in the morning between 8-9 and sneak around to the back where you will most likely find him pecking at bird seed fallen from our feeders.

Wild Turkey

The landscape is being filled up with plants and flowers of both the wild and domestic varieties. Bright purple bull thistles are beginning to put out flowers, as well as the smaller lemon flavored wood sorrel. If you visit for a hike be sure to check on the mustang grapevine running along the back fence which is just starting to put out unripe fruit. And while on the trail definitely keep your eyes peeled for the delicious blackberries intermingled with their unripe red counterparts.

Bull Thistle

 Mustang Grapevine

 Wood Sorrel

Our garden and greenhouse, built by volunteers, is also seeing some activity and the freshly planted squash, melons, greens, herbs, and fruits will soon be sprouting! Until these plants are ripe for the picking, I have been enjoying bowlfuls of lamb’s quarters, a wild, spinach like green which grows in abundance at the back of our iconic red barn. If that is, the grasshoppers don’t get to it first.

New greenhouse

Freshly planted garden

Greenhouse tomato

Lamb's Quarters